Installing additional outlets

As families expand and kids get older, the amount of TV’s in the house seems to grow as well. Whether you’ve added another room to your home or want to install TV’s into the kids’ space so they can have free range on the remote, we can help.

Here at Becketts Antennas & Communications, we can install additional TV or satellite TV outlets into any room of the house.  Usually the best time to sort out any additional outlets in a new build is when the electrical wiring has been done and before any internal walls are built. However, we can still create additional outlets in buildings such as your office, bedroom, living room, kitchen or elsewhere at any point. 

We highly recommend getting a professional in to help with TV outlets. These systems include wires, electrics and voltage which can be incredibly dangerous when you don’t know what you’re doing. 

Call us today for your free quote to get your outlets sorted with ease. 

Data Cabling

In today’s modern world, streaming is quickly becoming the norm. As a result, a lot of technology now relies on data cables to function. 

What’s a data cable you ask? It’s basically a cable that transmits electronic information from one system to another. 

At Becketts Antennas & Communications, we can also install data cable into any outlet or room (including the shed). This means that you’ll have a strong connection straight from the modem to your TV.

There’ll be no more pixelating or buffering of your favourite Netflix show as we can help you receive perfect reception with ease. You’ll be able to stream your high data games, movies and TV shows with ease and take away those messy and pesky WIFI range extenders in no time at all.  

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