What is VAST and how do i access it?

VAST is an acronym for Viewer Access Satellite Television.

Usually required for residents who live in remote and rural areas without access to terrestrial television signals, VAST is a satellite television platform that provides digital television and radio services.

Currently delivering free-to-air TV to over 200,000 Australian households, this system means everyone has access to high quality TV and radio service. 

If your house doesn’t receive the national standard signal strength, you can apply for VAST. This means your TV is connected to a satellite rather than a physical antenna on top of the roof.

How can Becketts help?

At Becketts Antennas & Communications, one of our trained technicians will be able to test your signal. If the signal strength at your residency is too low, you can apply for a VAST decoder. 

If you need to access VAST then purchase a VAST approved satellite set-top box and a satellite dish of at least 65cm in diameter. You can then manage this new satellite service through a smart card that’s supplied with the satellite set-top box. 

To find out more about your eligibility, head HERE.