VAST while travelling

Planning on travelling? Apply for a VAST decoder and watch commercial TV channels all while enjoying your holiday.

With knowledge gained from travelling around Australia (and camping whenever possible) as well as setting up many types of antennas and dishes to get signal, we know what it’s like to want quality service while on holiday. 

We came up with our own satellite caravan set up which includes a dish on a tripod with additional cable to ensure you can place your caravan aerial anywhere around the vehicle.

At Becketts Antennas & Communications, we can provide you with an easy-to-use meter that can be upgraded as well as setting up your caravan with points. This means that there’s no need to try and run a cable through your window! 

Keen to see more? Check out this easy set-up from another client

And don’t forget! You have to apply for a Travellers Application Link to get reception approval before you hit the road.

To learn more and redeem your free quote, call us on 0431 376 663.

Caravan on mountain road against sky